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No steel fabrication project or steel structure is too large or complex. Our unique capabilities allow us to build and weld large and complex steel structures that many other fabricators cannot handle. Founded over a century ago, Johnson Machine Works has earned a worldwide reputation as a trusted provider of fabricated steel. Located in the southern Iowa city of Chariton, JMW began as a repair shop for local farmers and builders. Through the years, JMW branched out to include not only structural steel fabrication for commercial buildings, but a variety of products and machines for the sewage treatment industry and the fabrication of gates for hydro-electric power plants, gates, locks and dams and transition waterways across the world. Established on the cornerstone of competitiveness, trust, quality and efficiency, Johnson Machine Works is never content to do the minimum and takes a proactive role in assuring that your steel fabrication project is built correctly with a tireless focus on quality of workmanship.

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