We have ample resources to perform the defined scope of work in this contract. Regarding our resources, we are including a general description of our facilities and a list of our equipment. All of our equipment is owned by Johnson Machine Works, and maintained by our in-house maintenance staff. We have the benefit of a large space to perform a variety of different procedures to insure that the project will be completed correctly and on time. In a similar way, we utilize all of our tools and equipment to that same end.

Because of the nature of our facility, the variety and quality of our equipment, and the depth of knowledge of our staff, we have the ability to adapt to the different nuances of each project in order to keep the work on track, and meet our customer’s expectations.

As you review our specific capabilities please keep in mind that how we do things is every bit as important as what we do. No job is too big or too small. At Johnson Machine Works, we value safety and your trust in the work we do and the people we are. We also value excellence – in our craftsmanship and out record of on-time delivery. And we value our people, who are empowered to do what is right for you.

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